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Turn to the Family Law and Divorce lawyer Kitchener families trust

Family Law

For experienced divorce and family lawyers in Kitchener, families have turned to Sherman Law LLP for over 35 years to help them resolve their disputes. When your relationship falls apart, you may find yourself with many questions and uncertain how to move forward. We provide sound legal advice and representation for you to determine your rights and obligations arising from cohabitation, marriage, separation, and divorce. We have extensive experience in all aspects of family law.

And we listen. We listen to your needs and your goals. We practice family law for every kind of modern family including blended families and same-sex couples. Because no two families are the same, we apply an individualized and creative approach to our client’s separation and divorce.

We are committed to resolving family disputes in a friendly and cost-effective manner.

Most lawyers are skilled at creating further conflict in adversarial actions between spouses or couples, which are not only costly financially and emotionally to the parties, but are damaging to their children. At Sherman Law LLP, our approach is different. We promote settlement and we have the experience and ability to resolve conflict.

Whenever possible, we use mediation and negotiation to settle your disputes amicably to avoid the expense of unnecessary litigation by using collaborative family law principles. As experienced family law and divorce lawyers in Kitchener, we will aggressively litigate your dispute if necessary, but we always encourage our clients to explore other options outside of court to settle their disputes.

We believe that separations can be based on mutual respect and fairness; it's all in the approach and the roadmap you create. That's why at Sherman Law LLP we help you create the right plan from the very beginning because there is always a solution to every problem.

We offer a no obligation one-hour paid consultation for you to meet with a lawyer and to discuss your rights and obligations so that you can move forward from your separation and divorce with confidence that you are making guided decisions about your life and your family that are right for you. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

As experienced

Family Law and Divorce lawyers in Kitchener,

we assist our clients with all aspects of divorce and family law including:
  • Adoptions
  • Child & Spousal Support
  • Cohabitation & Marriage Contracts
  • Court Appearances
  • Custody & Access
  • Divorce Applications
  • Division of Property
  • Separation Agreements
  • Spousal Support Variations
  • Same-Sex Family Law Issues

We listen

We are here to assist you through challenging times in your personal life. Whether you require an untiring advocate for your rights in divorce or skilled attention to division of property matters, we listen to your needs and help to solve your problems.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law provides a method of resolving family conflict and all of the legal issues arising from a separation in a non-adversarial setting where the parties work with their lawyer to negotiate and cooperate with each other to agree to settle their matters outside of court. This cost-effective approach focuses on working together to negotiate and achieve a fair settlement without the expense and hostility that often arises from traditional court proceedings

Cohabitation & Marriage Contracts

A cohabitation and marriage contract prepared by our office can protect your assets and future income in the event of a breakdown in the relationship or the death or a spouse. Many people entering into a relationship with existing assets, prior marriages, and blended families will find the cohabitation and marriage contract to be an integral part of your estate planning.

The Court Process

We understand that not every situation can be resolved through negotiation despite our best efforts to achieve a fair settlement. Our lawyers have acted at all levels of court in Ontario. We apply a practical approach to each case and include you in all decision making in order to achieve the best possible results.

We make referrals

Our office can provide referrals to psychologists, counsellors, social workers and other health care professionals where appropriate. Often our clients find it helpful to speak with medical professionals about emotional and family dynamic issues that have developed due to the breakdown of the family unit.

Contact our Office
for a Consultation

We invite you to browse through our website and to contact our office to arrange for a consultation to discuss your legal needs.

Our office provides free consultations on certain matters, please contact us for details.

Turn to the Family Law and Divorce lawyer Kitchener families trust
Turn to the Family Law and Divorce lawyer Kitchener families trust

Aubrey J. Sherman Turn to the Family Law and Divorce lawyer Kitchener families trust

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