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Estate Planning: Wills & Powers of Attorney

Estate Planning - Wills & Powers of Attorney

We recognize that estate planning and administration can be a very personal matter that often requires unique attention to ensure that your wishes are carried out precisely, while minimizing the potential for family disputes. Your Will should be reviewed every five years with a legal professional to ensure that your wishes are observed and that your estate plan properly meets your current needs.

Our Estate Planning services include:
  • Will drafting
  • Powers of Attorney for Personal Care (a “living Will”)
  • Powers of Attorney for Property
  • Family Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Assisting Estate Trustees with all aspects of Estate Administration
  • Life and Estate management services

Flat Rate Packages

We offer package rates for many of our estate planning services and discounts for our clients who are seeking our services for related matters. Please contact our office for further details.

Why do I need a Will?

A Will is a legal document that sets out your intentions on how you wish your assets to be distributed after your death. Your Will appoints a person or persons known as the executor or estate trustee who will administer your financial affairs after your death. Your Will articulates how you wish to distribute your estate and can include provisions for your children or dependants including the appointment of guardians.

If you die without having a valid Will, your estate will be dealt with as an “intestacy” (meaning an estate without a Will). In these circumstances, the court will have to appoint a person to administer and distribute your estate according to intestacy laws, which are often contrary to your wishes or intentions. This legal process often costs more than a basic Will prepared by our office. Having a well-drafted Will can minimize the unnecessary costs and delays of administering your estate, decreasing or postponing taxes, and addressing financial issues that family and friends might otherwise have to deal with on your behalf.

Why do I need Powers of Attorney?

There are two types of Power of Attorney documents in Ontario:
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care (“a living Will”) which appoints a person you trust to handle your health care needs in the event of your mental or physical incapacity
  • Power of Attorney for Property which appoints a person you trust to handle your financial affairs
Powers of Attorney are an important part of preparing your estate planning. In circumstances where a person does not prepare and execute a power of attorney and incapacity should occur, the Public Guardian and Trustee would in most cases assume responsibility for the management of the estate. It is both time-consuming and expensive for family members to assume responsibility from the Public Guardian and Trustee.

Updating your Will and Powers of Attorney

Did you know that if you should marry after the date of your last Will it shall in most cases be automatically revoked? Many people are unaware of the circumstances that might occur in life requiring you to notify our office so that we can assist you in making necessary alterations to your Will:
  • If you change your name, or anyone mentioned in your Will changes their name
  • If an Estate Trustee becomes unsuitable to act due to age, poor health, etc.
  • If a beneficiary dies
  • If you have specifically bequeathed any property which you sell or which changes its nature
  • If you become divorced, remarry, or decide to adopt a child
  • If you wish at any time to revoke or alter any part of your Will
  • If your estate increases significantly
Your Power of Attorney should be reviewed in the event that your appointed attorney dies or is unable or unwilling to continue to act on your behalf.

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